Paranormal Romance to Stir Your Soul and Heat Your Blood to Molten

Tumble into a menacing vortex where violence--or love--are the only way out.

Releasing January 11th




Despite two powerful parents, the magic gene bypassed Cassie. Too bad because she could use an edge. Her mother, a world-renowned psychic, is stuck behind a supernatural veil. Not dead, but not exactly alive either, she hasn’t spoken in almost a year. Cassie turns her electrical engineering skills to development of a special Ouija board to reach her mother, but something keeps sabotaging her work.

Enter Tyler, a cheap mage with magic of his own. He pretended to love Cassie, but all he wanted was to snatch up her mother’s clients. Cassie’s been trying to get him out of her house for months, but he won’t leave. When she upped the ante, he threatened to kill her—and her mother. Cassie’s never felt so scared, but she doesn’t want to bother Jeremy, her only friend. She’d have to admit what a huge mistake Tyler was, and she’s not ready to face the humiliation.

Jeremy’s loved Cassie forever, but his magical order forbids coupling with mortals. A serious clash with Irichna demons buys him a different answer. He’s known what Tyler is from the beginning, but Cassie ignored his warnings. Fresh from the demon battle, he uses his scrying pool to check on Cassie. What he sees spurs him into action. No matter if she returns his love or not, time’s about to run out for her, and he can’t let that happen.

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