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Fire Update and #Red-Hot #Sales

Update on the FiresWe got lucky. After three weeks of smoke that was often so thick I’d cough for a quarter hour if I had to go outside for much of anything, the skies cleared up. Not all at once, but in fits and starts. The danger from the fire appears to have bypassed us. Heartfelt thanks for all your kind wishes and prayers. Everything helped. I’m certain of it.
At the moment, the Creek Fire is 312,000 acres and it’s 45% contained. What that means is they’ve got an impenetrable fireproof barrier around nearly half the fire. Unfortunately, the northeast side, which is what’s facing me, is part of the 55% uncontained part. Days are getting shorter. Nights are skirting freezing. All that is slowing its spread.
This time.
There will be a next time. I’m certain of it. The question is what I do in the meantime. I’ve called a couple of tree services to thin out the trees closest to my house. Not that it will do a whole lot of good since my neighbors have lots of trees. I’ve also considered a…

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