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Fall is my Favorite Season

  Fall is my Favorite Season For so many reasons including pumpkin pie spice flavors. It's finally cooling off. Here at 8K feet, the transition between seasons tends to be abrupt, and this summer to fall is no exception. Yesterday, it was in the mid 80s. Today, the mid 60s, and the nights from here on in are in the low 30s. I'm starting to hope we made it through one more fire season unscathed. I'll breathe easier when the end of October heaves into view. My heart goes out to others who haven't been as fortunate. There are few things worse than losing all the memories associated with a long, rich life. We finally took the Winnebago on the road. We didn't go anywhere in 2020 or 2021, so the van sat for quite some time. Ran into a few mechanical issues. Nothing that got in the way of us getting home, luckily. I say luckily because I called Ford dealers in Pocatello, Butte, and Missoula. They all sang the same song. No appointments for a couple of months, and no guaran

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