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Magic Rules! Follow Your Heart

  It's been a year since lockdowns started for C-19... How are you holding up? If you’re anything like me, you have good days and less good ones. Bob and I were vaccinated. Our second shots were 2/8. We were lucky we live in a small, rural tourist-oriented community. A community that was dying on the vine because of lockdowns, so they were motivated to jump the line and get as much vaccine as the state was willing to allocate. Out of maybe 9K adults in Mono County, half have been fully vaccinated. We have a better track record than any other California county. That being said, the vaccine hasn’t changed my life all that much. I still mask up if I have to shop, and I maintain social distancing. I really miss seeing all of people’s faces. As a psychologist, I relied heavily on expressions to read how people were feeling. That set of cues has gone the way of the Dodo bird. I feel really bad for the deaf and partially deaf who relied on reading lips. Thanks to the vaccine, I’ve been ca

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