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Snowmageddon Struck! Digging out from a 12 Foot Dump

  Crazy Busy Time of Year! I'm glad the holidays are over. Bob had total knee replacement surgery on 12/20. It went well, but surgery is surgery and always has a significant recovery period. As I type this, he's about 2.5 weeks out. He can walk unaided and has graduated from a walker and crutches to walking sticks, but he still has quite a bit of pain, which is to be expected. The surgeon said to plan on two months before it faded. I'm taking him to PT multiple times a week. Meanwhile, it started snowing like mad two days after his surgery. Over the next week, we got upward of 12 FEET of snow. The first couple of days, it was wet, heavy, Sierra cement. After that, it just dumped. I was outside shoveling at least twice a day. Sometimes three times. But I kept all four decks clear and the kitchen yard. That one is a total bitch. I have to keep the area to the left of the door clear because it's where the dryer vent is and also the propane lines that come to the house much

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