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Wishing You Love, Light, and Hope

Check-in Time

I wanted to use most of this newsletter to talk about the corona virus. Many of you must be feeling uncertain. I know I am. I did get the message about staying home loud and clear. In truth, Bob and I talked about it, and we cut off all unnecessary trips away from our home a month ago.
I may have mentioned that one of my “side” jobs (except I’m not getting paid, which I suppose makes it a side project) is I’m helping a friend turn out an English translation for a nonfiction book about North Korea. This same friend was stationed in Beijing for 18 months as a photojournalist and correspondent for Finland’s national broadcast system.
Because of chats with Mika and my time with his book, I knew better than to trust anything coming out of China. I assumed things were far worse there than they were letting on, and I planned accordingly on my end.
The worst part about the pandemic has been the lack of data from the U.S. I’ve heard people here in the Eastern Sierra proudly say …

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