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Digital Piracy Affects Us All

I’m returning to my long-neglected blog to chat about digital piracy. While currently a "hot topic, it’s dogged me for most of the ten years I’ve been publishing books. Probably a low point was sometime early in 2015 when my book, Earth’s Hope, had not yet been published. A week prior to its “go live” date, I found it on pirate sites.
I knew exactly who had copies of that book, and they were all women from my review team. Gals I thought I could trust with my life. Well, I guess I was wrong. I shed more than a few tears over that event, disbanded my team, and started over from bedrock.
But when familiar names popped up, women (and men) I’d known from my previous review team, I got a funny feeling in my guts. Like, was X the one who stabbed me in the back?
Eventually, I got over it. Life goes on.
There’s not a one-to-one relationship between book pirates and sales. Far from it. A pretty big percentage of the people downloading my books for free would never be paying customers. Not for …

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