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Where Science Fiction and the Occult COLLIDE

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A man who’s given up.
Mutant culture colonies.
A doomed ship.
Science Fiction in Antarctica
If there’s any place on planet Earth where they do research, it’s Antarctica. The only people who live there, either year round or seasonally, are scientists and their backup personnel. I was fortunate enough to visit two research bases while I was there and to meet a field researcher who was counting penguin nesting grounds.
Most fiction set in Antarctica is either a thriller (think James Rollins) or science fiction (think Kim Stanley Robinson).Here’s part of the book description for his Antarctica:
A stark and inhospitable place, its landscape poses a challenge to survival; yet its strange, silent beauty has long fascinated scientists and adventurers. Now Antarctica faces an uncertain future. The international treaty that protects the continent is about to dissolve, clearing the way for Antarctica's resources and eerie beau…

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