On the Road . . .

Traveling this week, so my usual Friday blog post will be a few days late. Stay tuned though, I plan to polish off the personality disorders next time. So, that will include schizotypal, borderline, narcissistic and avoidant.

I've always loved the myth about Narcissus. Remember him? He was a hunter who was so taken by his reflection in a still pond that he simply sat there admiring himself till he died. The earlier part of that story includes Echo, a nymph who was in love with Narcissus. Spurned by him, she, too, wasted away till there was nothing left of her but her voice. It always seemed fitting to me that Narcissus met his end the same way Echo did, by self induced starvation.

Maybe when I'm done with the personality disorders, I'll segue into mythology. There are lots of amazing stories that haven't lost a thing despite the fact their roots are thousands of years old.